The 2017 Spectacle of Trees will take place at the Cape Cod Mall – Sunday, November 26, 2017 through Saturday, December 9, 2017

Spectacle of Trees
The Spectacle of Trees is an annual Fundraising event managed by Cape Cod Charitable FunRaisers. The Hyannis Kiwanis Club is a beneficiary of funds raised at this Christmas oriented event. A chosen group of local charity organizations (Kiwanis is one) each get a Christmas tree to display at the Cape Cod Mall. These organizations seek donations of gifts and tender of many kinds, to surround and decorate their trees. The public can go to the Mall and buy raffle tickets to try and win trees of their choice.

The 2016 edition of the Spectacle of Trees event set its 11th consecutive fundraising record. This years’ total funds raised were $194,552.00. This is up from the prior record in 2015 of $171,000.

Here is what each participating beneficiary earned:
  • Cape Cod Center for Women- $1050.00
  • Atlantic White Shark Conservancy- $8065.00
  • Safe Harbor- $18,660.00
  • Habitat for Humanity CC- $12,560.00
  • Marstons Mills Public Library- $15,665.00
  • National Marine Life Center- $12,940.00
  • Flower Angels- $21,230.00
  • Ovarian Cancer 101- $9711.00
  • Katelynn’s Closet- $8940.00
  • Hyannis Kiwanis- $4395.00
  • CC Child Development- $3315.00
  • Latham Centers- $8450.00
  • Hyannis West PTO- $9545.00
  • CCCF- $4880.00
  • Lyme Awareness of CC- $25,050.00
  • Calmer Choice- $18,000.00
  • ECEC- $11,096.00
  • JFK Foundation- $1,000.00



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